If the supply of homes increases without a corresponding increase in demand, the time your home stays on market will increase.

If you increase the price, the time on market will increase.  If you decrease it, the time on market will decrease.

If the quality of your home (appearance, staging, cleanliness, paint, maintenance) increases, the time on market will decrease.

If the quality of marketing increases, the time on market will decrease.

These statements are generalizations, but the ratios are such that increasing anything on top should increase time on market, while increasing anything on the bottom will generally decrease time on market.  The bad news is that you cannot control supply/demand.  You, or your listing broker, can control marketing, but it cannot overcome a supply overage or negatives in product quality or over-pricing. 

The good news is that you have some control over Product Quality and total Pricing control.

 Take action today and let us help you to control the process. 

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▪  Provide a Comparative Market Analysis to allow you to view your home’s condition, features and price in relation to the competition
▪  Provide an analysis of pervious marketing techniques and make recommendations for future marketing and media tailored to your needs